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SplunkLive is a website component of Splunk that allows people in technology to attend a single day event about operational intelligence. The event provides technical sessions to learn more about Splunk software in depth and the various use cases for improving service levels, reducing operational costs, mitigate security risks, enhance DevOps collaboration, and obtain valuable insights into customer behavior. This case study was completed in August 2015.

My role: user interface, UX design and user testing

My responsibilities: to improve the SplunkLive website so that users understand it's purpose and are able to locate events and be able to register


• Understand overall website layout

• Develop a hypothesis for why the event page is suboptimal

• Create a comparative analysis of what works for event listing

• Design wireframes for reworking the website layout

• Determine effectiveness by conduct user testing through usertesting.com and usabilityhub.com

Project Goals: To identify improvement areas and define the user needs to determine the functionality of the SplunkLive website component


• Plenty of stakeholders, worked with another UX designer to formulate our goals with director of web marketing and stay aligned throughout process

• Collaborated with web strategist to surface data backed from our user tests and how current users responded to the content layout (users were not biased because they only entered test only if they worked in a field relevant to information technology)

• Create wireframes to organize structure of event space into different versions and provide higher fidelity mockups across web marketing team


•  Enhanced the readability of events

• Increased the value of why attendees sign up and attend

• Maintained user engagement by reducing dropoff rate during registration event

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