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Design Client Reviews

Matthew Roche

CEO, Extole

"Christine is smart, and cares a great deal about the quality of design work she produces. She sought out resources to help develop her portfolio of skills, and she worked well across product and marketing to create a range of product and other visual assets."


David Tobiano

VP of Engineering, Rocksbox

"Christine came in as our first UX designer on the team and made a number of critical contributions ranging from user research, UI prototypes, to high-fidelity mockups on strategic new features.
She would consistently come in with a fresh eye and independent thoughts that would challenge unspoken norms, while always being flexible and accommodating when it came to execution.
I highly recommend Christine and look forward to having another opportunity to work with her in the future."


Prashant Nirmal

Sr. Director of Marketing and Technology, Splunk

"My team worked with Christine as a contract UX designer to help out on the SplunkLive website component. She was a great asset to the team. She is talented and a great team player. She demonstrated her process by conducting comparative analyses, research and user-testing in order to create wireframes into higher fidelity mockups."


Ryan Mick

Lead Product Designer, HUMIN

"Christine is a very thoughtful, rising visual design talent. My team was fortunate enough to work with her on mobile interface design and production in the Fall of 2013, where she showed an exceptional attention to detail."


Leah Clark

UX:ID Student, DesignLab

"Christine was a great mentor, she gave me highly detailed feedback on each project, great career advice, and steps forward when I was stuck. She gave me insight into industry best practices and terminology. She was very positive and encouraging throughout the Designlab class. I am very grateful that I had such an experienced and talented teacher!"


Parry Memarzadeh

UX:ID Student, DesignLab

"Christine was able to give me specific examples of what I did well and what to work on. She was also great at giving suggestions and helping to keep the design user-centered. And as a follow up to our 1-on-1 sessions she sent me an email each week with more resources to check out to expand my design skills."


Chris Northcutt

UX:ID Student, DesignLab

"Christine was great! She was very helpful and gave great advice. I honestly feel like she was one of the better mentors based on what I saw from other students feedback. I learned more talking with her than I did from the courses."


Jason Lee

UX:ID Student, DesignLab

"She did a wonderful job going over feedback and was very in-depth with what areas I needed to work on and which areas I did well on. Pleasant to work with and very thoughtful!"


Aly Haji

Design 101 Student, DesignLab

"Christine was my mentor for the Design 101 course I took with DesignLab. She was great with providing me with recommendations and critiques on all of my pieces. She answered any questions I had over email as well as provided me with guidance on how to become a better designer. Christine made the course significantly more valuable to me."


Brandon Teng

Design 101 Student, DesignLab

"Aside from being a talented designer, Christine was a great mentor who was always encouraging and gave a tremendous amount of support and motivation throughout the Design 101 course. Her constructive and thoughtful feedback consistently challenged my designs and gave me plenty of room to rethink and reflect on what I had originally submitted. Her comments helped shed light on what I did well, what could be improved, and reinforced better techniques for future assignments. Her mentorship helped distill a lot of questions I had regarding building simple, functional, and aesthetic user interfaces and she provided plenty of resources that I referred to often throughout my time designing. Thank you again, Christine, for the awesome support at DesignLab and for helping me start my journey into the world of design :D"


Alena Ilchenko

Design 101 Student, DesignLab

"Christine was my mentor at Designlab. In my opinion she is very responsible and attentive to details. She always gave me a profound feedback on every project I did what help me understand my mistakes and fix them later. I'll highly recommend Christine as a mentor."


Yumi Mori

Branding + Visual Identity Student, Designlab

It was great being one of Christine's students for Branding! She is understanding, patient, and experienced in design. I also appreciated her thoughtful feedback on my submissions, which helped me understand what I did well and what I could do to improve. Overall lovely experience!


Wellness Instructor Reviews


Yoga Student, La Ventana BCS

Christine is an awesome teacher! I enjoyed her flow sessions. She has a very versatile style that can help with any movements and practices you need help with. I enjoyed her teachings and she helped me explore some new breathing techniques, which I have since been using. Christine is super genuine and has some awesome thoughts about yoga and how to integrate this philosophy into one's own life :)


Yoga Student, Saladita BCS

Christine hosted an amazing rooftop yoga session in La Ventana, Baja, with views of the ocean. It was an intentional mix of kundalini and flow, with some longer held poses and focus on stretching. Her voice and energy made me feel there in the moment. Great for a week of sore muscles learning how to kite surf!


Paddleboard Student, Airbnb

My experience was amazing. I have never even attempted SUP and within minutes I was standing up and enjoying the ride. She was very approachable, accommodating, and patient. I had a rough night before so a relaxing morning on the water was exactly what the doctor ordered. She shared with me an amazing restaurant/bar right off the beach. I would definitely paddleboard with Christine again, for sure.



Paddleboard Student, Airbnb

It was my first time attempting to stand up paddle and I did not realise how hard it would be. Christine was very patient and made sure that I was enjoying the experience and paddling correctly so that I was not struggling. I had so much fun and the hour went by so quickly. I would get another lesson just so I can get better and go further. Thanks Christine!



Paddleboard Student, Airbnb

Great trip if wanting to see a different side to San Francisco! Laid back and beautiful views of the bay and if your lucky a few seals too! Christine is there to teach and guide you through whether your a beginner or pro paddle boarder. And happy to show you great food places after too! Thanks Christine for a great trip! 🙂



Paddleboard Student, Airbnb

Christine was a delight to be around! She is so sweet and considerate. She gave us tips of what to expect and make our experience all it could be. We felt comfortable and made the experience tailored to what was good for us with no pressure to progress at a rate that we were not comfortable with. Christine even invited us to lunch at a nearby restaurant that served delicious food, which after our great experience paddle boarding was welcomed. Thank you Christine!



Paddleboard Student, Airbnb

Christine was a very fun and wonderful instructor, who seemed quite knowledgeable about both kayaking and paddle board. She spent time with all of us, in a small group of 3 - 4, and took us on a journey through the Sausalito marina. It was a gorgeous day and we had temendous fun. We all then decided after our hour out on the water to go for a nice lunch as a group. I highly recommend this trip, and it is great for both beginners and intermediates. Enjoy!


Martha Joanna

Kayak Student, Airbnb

Christine is great, unfortunately we weren't able to SUP b/c it was too windy so we took kayaks out instead. The other participants didn't show so I essentially had a one on one, which was fine (and would have been great of we were on a SUP which was the reason I signed up, I have been kayaking before and didn't need instruction for that) . Anyways, we had a good time on the water...seeing a baby seal just feet from my kayak as we came in was the highlight! We went to a great little spot after (bar baocce) for lunch. It was a sunny day and great day to send the afternoon.



Kayak Student, Airbnb

Christine was very nice! She took us kayaking instead of paddle boarding because the wind was very strong. We had a great time chatting while we kayaked. She showed us where the seals hung out and the cool house boats along the harbor. This is a great way to see Sausalito!



Kayak Student, Airbnb

We had a fun time going out on the water in Kayaks with Christine (it was pretty windy). She was a very kind host and showed us the sights in the Sausalito harbor. Christine was very fun to be with - she shared her wisdom with us and gave only positive vibes.



Paddleboard Student, Airbnb

So much fun! I’ll be back out on the water soon!